Our Team

The East Avenue Medical Center Institutional Ethics Review Board (EAMC IERB) is composed of a multidisciplinary group of physicians, a nurse, a professor and an active advocacy consultant who collectively have the qualifications and experience to review and evaluate the science, technical, and ethical aspects of the proposed clinical investigation. Assisted with the administrative staff, the EAMC IERB is driven to protect the rights and welfare of human clinical research participants.

The following are voting members of the EAMC IERB.

Chair: Romulus Roberto Peter A. Instrella, MD
Vice-Chairman: Marilou N. Agno, MD
Member Secretary Michelle Anne N. Mangubat, MD
Medical Members
Maria Natividad A. Almazan, MD
Cecilia A. Jimeno, MD
Norman L. Maghuyop, MD
Andre Angelo G. Tanque, MD
Kathryn B. Braganza, MD
John Mark S. de Leon, MD
Scientefic Members: Raymark D. Salonga, RN
Non-affiliated Members:
Estrella R. Agustin, PhD
Daniel R. Agustin, MAIR
Arcadio B. Gonzales
Christine M. Doncillo, RPm