Department of Dermatology

The year 1992 marked the birth of the Dermatology Residency Training Program at the East Avenue Medical Center as a Section under the Department of Internal Medicine. A mere 10 square meter room with 1 desk and 3 chairs served as office & outpatient clinic for the first 3 residents & consultant staff, composed of Drs. Monina A. Macam, Ma. Angela M. Lavadia, Marcellano S. Cruz and Leticia Dy-Nicol. With the vision of training competent dermatologists and developing future leaders in the field, they embarked on this endeavor with great enthusiasm and dedication, even if faced with the seemingly insurmountable task of providing good training with no visible source of funding. In 1994 we were graced with a Dermatology office, Conference room & Library. In January 1999 we were acknowledged as a Department and in December 2003, we transferred to the newly built Out-Patient Department, that houses the new Dermatology office which served as the Dermatology Referral Center of Quezon City, as well as the surrounding cities of Metro Manila and Luzon. The Department is presently divided into several units which includes the General Out-Patient Clinic, Contact Dermatitis Clinic, Phototherapy Unit, Dermatologic Surgery Unit and Infectious Dermatology Unit. Consultations are either seen at the out-patient clinic or the hospital wards on a daily basis.

In perseverance to complete the Department’s physical plan and facilities, annual fund raising projects were done. The Department also would conduct regular outreach programs and medical missions as a commitment to serve the people in the different areas within Metro Manila and in provinces nationwide.

As an accredited institution of the Philippine Dermatological Society, the Department is definitely not resting on its laurels; it strives to move on, surpassing difficulties to pursue its teaching goals. On a noble mission, it takes on the challenge with fearless steps and wise discretion guided by its vision of academic excellence and becoming a center for extending exceptional care to its constituents. After all these years, we are proud to say that we have achieved much, all of which have been realized through the spirit of whole-hearted volunteerism.

The year 2014 marked a milestone in the history of the East Avenue Department of Dermatology, as the Department officially inaugurated The Skin Center last December 8, 2014 (Figures 1-3). Once only a dream, The Skin Center has now become a magnificent reality, equipped to provide the highest quality of dermatologic care to all patients in an atmosphere of compassion, delight, and respect.

The Department of Dermatology and The Skin Center aspires to be a self-sustaining facility delivering all levels of tertiary skin health and care, manned by an accredited expert staff of physicians and health care professionals in Dermatology, which is
accessible to all Filipinos.

Overall, the East Avenue Department of Dermatology offers an excellent training ground, in research and in the science and art of Dermatology. We thank the Almighty as we continue to look forward to exciting times ahead– to envisioning grander dreams and making them a reality.


The Department of Dermatology and The Skin Center of the East Avenue Medical Center is committed to deliver the highest quality of dermatologic care to all patients in an atmosphere of compassion and respect, to provide excellent training, and to pursue relevant research in the science and art of Dermatology.


We aspire to be the best center for Dermatology training, service, and research in the Philippines.


We value Compassion, Integrity, Excellence, Ethics, and Professionalism.