Emergency Department and Trauma Center

The Emergency Room is a well organized unit complete with efficient personnel, equipment and supplies ready at all times for the effective and prompt care of patients with urgent and critical needs.


  1. To preserve life.
  2. To restore the patient to useful living.
  3. To prevent deterioration before more definitive treatment can be given.


  1. Evaluate, treat and manage a wide variety of cases requiring emergency immediate and intermediate care.
  2. Provide ambulance service to conduct patients from EAMC to to other hospitals for transfer or to perform special diagostic/therapeutic procedures.
  3. Manage effectively and efficiently mass casualty insidents and injuries.
1. Emergency Cases
    a. Medical
    b. Surgical
    c. Obstetrics and Gynecology
    d. Pediatrics
    e. ENT
2. Medico-Legal Cases
    a. Vehicular Accidents
    b. Gunshot wounds
    c. Stab wounds / hack wounds
3. Burn Cases

Dr. Maria Veronica E. Datinguinoo, FPCEM, MMHoA
Department Head
Emergency Department and Trauma Center
East Avenue Medical Center
Office: Emergency Trauma Center
Phone: (02) 8928-0611 (Trunk Line)
Local Numbers:
Ambulance Service: 315
Emergency Room Registry: 375