The goal of the NRL at East Avenue Medical Center is to provide leadership and technical expertise at the national level for Laboratory services in the Environmental, Occupational Health, Toxicology, Micronutrients Assay and Associated social problems related to drug abuse and malnutrition.

Laboratory Services

Drug Testing
Water Testing (Bacteriological, Physical and Chemical Analysis)
Routine Analysis (For Drinking Water)
Refilling Station
Dialysis Water
Analytical Toxicology
Mercury in Blood
Lead in Blood
Cadmium in Blood
Health Care Waste (HCW)
HCW Treatment Device Evaluation
Nationwide Random Drug Testing for students(CHED.DepEd)
Random Drug Testing in workplace (DOH, Congress, PMS,DDB)
Drug Testing for Drug Dependency Examination
Drug Testing in ASEAN meet and local sports competition (PBA, NCAA, other regional meet)
Drug Testing in Sports
Performance Evaluation:
Water Testing Device / System
Water Test Kits
Healthcare Waste Treatment Device
Drug Test Kits

Training Services:

Training on the Manual of Operation for Screening Drug Testing Laboratory Analysts
Basic Course on Laboratory Quality Management Screening Drug Testing Operations for Heads of Laboratories of Screening Drug Testing Laboratories.
Training on Confirmatory Analysis of Drug of Abuse Testing
Training Course on Water Microbiological Analysis for Water Testing Laboratories Analysts.
Training on Physical and Chemical Analysis of Water


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